Month: February 2024

Endless Journeys: Inspiring Travel Blogs and Captivating Photography

Travel and Photography Blogs

Travel and photography blogs are online publications that present experiences, advice, and pictures. Some focus on practical tips and others on a more inspiring message.

Travel bloggers meet readers’ expectations for tourism-related information. This information may be structured and presented spatiotemporally, for example with descriptions of cultural sights. It may also include personal impressions like sensual or spatial perceptions.

Adventures of a Nomad

A resolute wanderer, Shannon O’Donnel’s blog focuses on meaningful travel and cultural immersion. She offers valuable insights to help readers plan their next international adventure while also advocating for responsible tourism and supporting local communities.

Whether exploring the streets of Paris or sampling gelato in Rome, Never Ending Footsteps is an inspiring read for anyone with a passion for travel and exploration. Featuring captivating storytelling and stunning photography, the blog’s content inspires readers to follow their own journeys of self-discovery and endless wanderlust.

Expert Vagabond is a travel blog that offers a unique mix of adventure travel and digital nomad lifestyle content. The blog’s content covers a wide range of destinations and features engaging storytelling and practical travel tips. It also outlines steps to start an online business, freelance, and find remote work opportunities.


NOMADasaurus is the world’s largest adventure travel and photography blog, with award-winning destination guides, photo tips and travel advice. It’s run by Alesha and Jarryd, a married Australian couple who have been traveling the world since 2008. They share their passion for adventure travel and cultural experiences, while also showing how financially sustainable full-time travel is possible through blogging, social media, freelance writing and photography.

Vacaay worked with NOMADasaurus to identify three states for optimal audience alignment, working with the couple to create a series of inspirational blog posts, YouTube videos and Facebook ads. This content was cross-promoted across Vacaay channels, driving both awareness and bookings. The results were outstanding, with NOMADasaurus reaching a record high number of clicks and engagements. It’s a great example of how partnership marketing can lead to strong, sustainable results.

Carin’s Paris Adventures

Carin Olsson left her job and family in Sweden to follow her dream of living in Paris. Her blog Paris in Four Months documents her life in the city of romance. Her photos are stunning, and her lifestyle is definitely enviable.

The website has articles that focus on different topics, including travel hints and tips, destinations, and food. The blog is updated frequently and is well-organized, making it easy to find the information you need.

This site is filled with beautiful landscape images and tips on how to capture the best shots. You can also find useful information about a variety of other subjects, such as camping and hiking. The photos are eye-catching and are sure to inspire you to get out there and explore.

Trey Ratcliffe

Trey Ratcliff is known for his travel photography that combines saturated colors with dramatic flair and cinematic subjects. He is also an expert in and proponent of high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, a post-processing technique that allows him to capture a wide range of tonal values in a single image.

Ratcliff’s innovative use of HDR techniques has inspired many photographers to explore new creative possibilities and push the boundaries of their own style. He has been featured in numerous exhibitions and major publications, and he regularly shares his tips and tricks on his website, Stuck in Customs. TED’s Chris Anderson has even called him a “pioneer” in the field of HDR photography. A native of Texas, Ratcliff has a passion for travel and seeks to convey the beauty and spirit of the places he visits through his work.

Gary Arndt

The website is organised by destinations and includes posts with full-screen photos. It’s a pleasure to scroll through them and you will surely be inspired by the amazing photography on this site.

Jeremy’s travel and photography blog is all about inspiring people to go travelling. He wants everyone to put aside their doubts and go on a transformative adventure!

Jessie on a Journey focuses on solo and adventure travel. She shares tips, gear reviews and a healthy dose of reality behind long-term travel. She also creates photo guides to major and lesser-known destinations. She is passionate about ensuring that destination photos are realistic so that travellers don’t experience the disappointment of a place not looking like its photos!

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